Barcelona Was Beaten By Benfica, Puts Koeman Under Intense Pressure


Barcelona is having a bad start to their UCL journey after Benfica beat them 3-0 in the group stages of the Champions League. The Catalans lost on Wednesday.

This was the second loss in the competition as they were beaten by Bayern Munich by 3 goals, two weeks prior to this.

Barcelona Defeat Adds Pressure On Koeman

The loss to Benfica added more pressure on the Barcelona manager. He has come under severe criticism and can be sacked after having a poor start to the Spanish league.

Koeman stated that it was a tough result to digest and it was not what they saw on the field.

They had conceded early in the game but were playing quite well. They had several chances to score but failed to take the shots. This had changed the game entirely. He also added that Benfica scored in all the chances that they had gathered while they failed, and that is what made the huge difference.

The Barcelona manager stated that the players were siding with him as they promised to turn their form around. He still feels unsure about the board of the club.

Koeman added that he would not argue about the level of Barcelona. They should not compare the present team with the past Catalan team.

Barcelona captain, Sergio Busquets, added that the blame must be on the players on the pitch. He stated that it was easy to get rid of the coach but the major blame is on the players on the field.

Uruguay star Nunez had scored 2 for Benfica to lead his team in Lisbon. His first goal came in 3 minutes when he rushed past defenders and finished it after a cut-back.

Rafa Silva doubled Benfica’s lead in the 70th minute while Nunez scored the last goal from a penalty kick.

Barcelona had to finish the game with 10 men as Eric Garcia was shown a second yellow card.

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