Rescue Plan Funds Come In Handy For States To Send Inflation Linked Stimulus Checks

Stimulus Check

The number of states sending stimulus checks has swelled to 21 and the list could increase further. Ohio gubernatorial Democratic candidate has promised inflation relief if voted to power. The ruling Republicans under Governor Mike DeWine have refused to give state support despite holding on to billion in federal coronavirus relief money.

The American Rescue Plan Act allocated a large percentage of the total funds for support to state and other local bodies, including stimulus checks. The Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF) delivered $350 billion to local governments including states and cities. This was to back their response to the pandemic and the economic crisis it created.

The SLFRF program delivered the resources that the local, state, and tribal governments desperately needed to combat the pandemic. it also was intended to support both households and businesses as they struggled under the double impact of the virus and the resultant economic downturn.

The funds have helped to maintain crucial public services. This was possible despite a massive decline in revenues as a result of the crisis. it was ultimately intended to lead to the creation of a resilient, strong, and equitable recovery through investments that encouraged enduring advancement and opportunity.

The Rescue Funds were used for replacing the massive slide in public sector revenues and to maintain government services during the crucial period of the shutdown. The funds also helped set right the negative impact the pandemic had on the economy. Small businesses and industries, the public sector, and non-profits all survived the raves of the pandemic thanks to the support they received from the federal administration.

Getting workers in essential sectors like health and critical services was a challenge during the pandemic. the funds ensured premium pay for essential workers, thus providing additional support to workers who bore the brunt of the massive health risks as they continued to keep the critical sectors running even during the total shutdown immediately after the pandemic struck.

Stimulus Check

The funds also allowed investment in crucial infrastructure to provide drinking water, build stormwater and wastewater infrastructure, and expand affordable access to the internet.

The fund also permitted a great degree of flexibility for each jurisdiction to meet the needs of local government within the eligible categories.

Ohio Stimulus Check Turns Into An Election Issue

With over $2 billion in funds from the massive pile of federal COVID-19 relief from the Democratic government in Washinton still lying with the state, Republican Governor Mike DeWine is in a dilemma. he still has not figured out what to do with the money even as democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley has proposed a rebate stimulus check to help residents of Ohio cope with the economic downturn of the inflation.

Whaley has promised a $350 stimulus check to help Ohioans manage the rising cost of groceries, gasoline, and other essential items. But with the Republicans liking the stimulus checks to inflation, her idea may not translate into support for her or her party due to the inflation.

With around $2.68 billion of ARPA funds still lying with Ohio, her plans would send direct stimulus checks to Ohioans. His plan would send $350 to eligible individuals and $700 to eligible couples who file jointly.

Whaley argued that the funds are desperately needed to help residents of Ohio. She spoke of solutions based on common sense as it was obvious that the record inflation had negated the increase in wages compared to the pre-pandemic period.

Whaley said that seniors were hurting badly as they had fixed incomes which rarely reflected the rise in prices. They have been affected by the increase in expenses that included gasoline, food, health insurance, water, and sewer. She contended that most people could not survive this health and economic crisis without support from the administration.

The Republicans have argued that flooding so much money in such a short period had weakened the purchasing power of the dollar and also upset the demand and supply balance. With people spending more on products than on services, there was a scarcity that further led to an increase in goods. The disruption of the worldwide supply chain led to further complications in the availability of goods and led to a further increase in prices.

Governor DeWine on the other hand has obtained permission from the state lawmakers to spend around half of the total amount of $5.4 billion that the federal administration has set aside for the state.

But he revealed no plans to issue a direct stimulus check to help Ohioans cope with the massive inflation that has led to negative wage growth for most residents.

With the election slated for November 8th, 2022, the electoral battle is warming up with Whaley accusing Gov. DeWine of not doing enough for the residents of the state.

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Checks

She said that the governor should have been using his power to help lessen the pain felt by citizens, but he was more absorbed in attending to his special interest friends and donors. She promised that the people of the state would be her top priority if she is elected to office.

California Has Moved To Send Up To $1,050 To Each Eligible Family Within Two Weeks

Residents of the Golden State could soon get their third state stimulus check. the money could be credited into their bank account in a couple of weeks.

After facing debilitating inflation that has led to residents spending all their savings or facing rising debts, some form of relief is around the corner for Californians. Residents who have filed the income tax returns for 2020 will receive a stimulus check. families with income up to $500,000 are eligible for the payment.

The direct deposits to banks will be the first to be sent on October 7 through 25. The state tax board has revealed that the 2nd round of the direct deposit will be between October 28 and November 14, 2022.

The debit cards, and not paper checks, will be sent between October 25 and January 15. The details of the schedule for the distribution of debit cards will be released in the first week of October.

Around 95% of all stimulus check payments are scheduled to be completed by 2022. This includes both debit card payments and direct bank transfers.

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