Bayern Munich Says It Was A Mistake Taking On Renato Sanchez Too Early

renato sanchez
renato sanchez

Football legend Karl Heinz Rummenigge says they took on Renato Sanchez too early when they acquired him back in 2016. He had immense potential but lacked experience then. The first tenure did not succeed and there were issues with his consistency and he was disgruntled towards the close of his contract.

Rummenigge says that taking Renato Sanchez on at 18 was a bit too early. Bayern paid €35M (around $39.5M). He was much touted back then but in some way, the performance did not follow.

Sanchez joined Bayern with much fanfare after a brilliant breakthrough at Benfica and also helped Portugal to victory in the European Championship that year.

Carlo Ancelotti’s replacement, Jupp Heynckes wanted Renato Sanchez back from Lille. He wanted to bring him back to the status he deserved. But FIFA regulations blocked them from acquiring him.

Rummenigge Believes Renato Sanchez Would Have Been Successful If Given A Longer Run

Rummenigge believes that it would have been successful for Renato Sanchez if he had a prolonged run at the club under Heynckes. He says that Heynckes and Sanchez would have made an exciting combination.

Sanchez would still have been playing with Bayern if Juppp had been around. He had recently watched Lille play against Wolfsburg, and it was Renato Sanchez’s brilliance that won them the match.

In 2019, Sanchez moved to Lille and turned around his career at the club. He was with the Bavarians from 2016 to 2019. He made 53 appearances for the club and won the Bundesliga twice, plus the German Club and 3 Super Cups. IN 2019 he was transferred to Lille for €20M ($22.62M) and became a key player for the club with 74 appearances. He is contracted with Lille till 2023.

Golden Boy winner Renato Sanchez was also linked with Arsenal and AC Milan