Jeff Garlin To Appear In The Goldbergs Despite Being Fired

jeff garlin
jeff garlin

The Goldbergs Season 9 will still include Jeff Garlin, the star of the show who was fired after complaints of abusive behavior made by actors and crew. His appearance on the show is due to previously shot footage. Their plan is to use deep fakes or face replacement whenever necessary and his character will continue to appear in the remaining episodes of the 9the season.

The Goldbergs has been thrown into an unusual bind after Jeff Garlin’s abrupt departure as multiple misbehavior allegations emerged. It resulted in a mutually agreed end of the relationship last week, with the ABC sitcom produced by Sony Pictures Television.

The Goldbergs Will Have Jeff Garlin’s Character Throughout Season 9

Murray Goldberg, the character played by Garlin, cannot be suddenly made to disappear in the middle of the ninth season. Thanks to previously shot footage, that will not be necessary. The producers of the show plan to also use off-camera dialogues taken from past episodes, unutilized takes, and also past shots of Jeff Garlin in The Goldbergs.

Garlin will carry on being remunerated, though he will not be technically working. Garlin’s standing has already been used as he won’t be filming any fresh episodes. The shots are from the rear and in some scenes. His stand-in also appeared in new promotional materials from the show with his face superimposed on to the stand-in’s body.

Garlin had been working only a day every week this season as his character has turned out to be less fundamental to The Goldbergs. Representatives of Sony or Jeff Garlin offered no comment.

Jeff Garlin abruptly exited the show even as The Goldbergs commenced shooting the 15-16th episodes of the 22-episode season, up from the initial plan for 18 shows in the 9th season. In an earlier interview, head downplayed allegations of misbehavior and news of his imminent exit.

During the interview, he had admitted that there were HR inquiries into his conduct.

Jeff Garlin has been central to The Goldbergs since the 2013 premiere of the show. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he said that he expected Season 9 to be the last though show producers have said that it could run to the tenth.