Jim Justice Approves The Anti-Trans Sports Bills

Jim Justice
Jim Justice

Jim Justice, the governor of the state of West Virginia, approved a measure into law that deals with the community of transgenders. As per the newly approved law, transgender women and girls belonging to the state are not allowed to participate in the sports competition that is held at any of the state institutions of higher studies or the public secondary schools.

Jim Justice Gives His Explanation

The law got the clearance from the Republican-led signatures from the state in the past few weeks. As per the details of the Jim Justice approved law, the participating teams are supposed to get designated on the basis of the “biological sex.” Following this, the ones belonging to the community of trans women as well as girls are not allowed to participate especially where there is an involvement of contact or skill. 

The West Virginia Governor made the argument at one of the news conferences that the decision that she took was the right one. The conference had been held at the beginning of this week. According to the statement of Jim Justice, he tried to make it a point that he is only trying to protect the trans women. The Republican governor claimed that nobody wants them to be overpowered by the superior athletes and there is a high chance that it might happen. 

The Jim Justice-approved law has developed as a fraction of a trend that is growing among the legislatures that are controlled by the Republican members throughout the country. This has been the case over the last few weeks. They are trying their best to restrict those Americans belonging to the community of transgenders. There are a number of regions that have adopted similar sets of laws. They include Tennessee, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Arkansas.