Bebe Rexha Shares Tearful Video About Body Image: Finds It Disgusting

Bebe Rexha
Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha opened up about the issues she is facing about her body. She shared an emotional video on TikTok in which she shared her depression over her recent gain in weight. She spoke of how it had impacted her self-esteem.

Bebe Rexha said on TikTok that we are all thought to be having fun as it is the holidays. But her weight fain has left her depressed and she said that she was too embarrassed to share her present weight.

Bebe Rexha continued that it wasn’t just her weight and she felt disgusted in her own body. It had led to Rexha taking a break from months to from social media.

She said that she had cut down on her posts as she did not feel comfortable being herself. And she doesn’t post when she is not feeling good.

The singer of I Got You was in tears as she admitted that who doesn’t know the way forward from this point on. She said that she was at a loss on how to help or love herself.

Bebe Rexha Has Always Been Open And Interactive With Her Fans

Bebe Rexha’s fans came out strongly in her support and showered love on her for her vulnerable state of mind. Olivia Ponton, the TikTok star wrote that numbers are just that, numbers. She wrote that Olivia looked stunning the way she way and that was no need to take put pressure on herself.

Rexha’s post comes after she was on social media to let out that she was feeling down. She tweeted that all persons who felt let down during the holidays would get through. She signed off by sending her love.

Bebe Rexha has always been honest and open on her accounts. She has been encouraging about self-acceptance and body positivity. She had posted a video as she danced to Good Form by Nicky Minaj. In a text over the video, she had written that what she weighed should not be anyone’s business. 

She has previously said that she aims to inspire women to feel beautiful and love their bodies, no matter the size.