Isaiah Wilson And The Tennessee Titans Are Not Getting Along Very Well These Days

Isaiah Wilson
Isaiah Wilson

Isaiah Wilson, the offensive football tackle from the team, the Tennessee Titans, is making headlines. It is not a hidden fact the player was not somebody to be proud of, for the whole of the last season. The Tennessee Titans went for the player with so many expectations. They hoped that he would make the eventual right tackle start. However, much to their disappointment, Isaiah Wilson made the play of a total of four snaps. This was for the entire season. Not only that but he also received an ultimatum from Jon Robinson, the executive vice-president and general manager of the Titans.

Isaiah Wilson’s Frustration Over Twitter

According to reports, Jon Robinson gave a statement that was directed to the player. He claimed that Isaiah Wilson was not playing like he was supposed to.

The way he was playing was very different from how he played the day he got evaluated in Nashville. The general manager also added that he will have to be determined and better, moving forward. Either that or he might be prevented from playing pro football.

Following this statement, Isaiah Wilson took to the social media platform, Twitter, to reply. It was quite visible that he was not very happy about what his manager had said. He claimed that he was “done” with the game as a team member of the Tennessee Titans.

The 22-year-old-player also added that he did not want to mention anything further. The tweet came from him this Monday. Isaiah Wilson’s tweet got deleted within 30 minutes of getting posted.

The player got arrested in the month of September just two days prior to the season opener of the Tennessee Titans. It was against the team, the Denver Broncos. Wilson also received a warning for trespassing in the state university of Tennessee. There are still some seasons left for the contract involving the player to get over. Nobody is aware of what the future holds for both sides.

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