Lindsay Ellis Quits Twitter: Fans Claim Harassed Till She Broke

Lindsay Ellis

Lindsay Ellis, best-selling author, and Youtuber quit Twitter after online harassment from netizens, according to her fans. The cancel culture so engendered in Twitter has been directly blamed for her disappearance from social media.

The You Tuber quit because she faced constant harassment which broke her heart, says her fans. It all started when she said she believed that Raya and the Last Dragon were taken from Avatar: The Last Airbender.                                                                                                           

In her last post on Twitter, Lindsay Elis bid goodbye to her fans. In an earlier post, she found herself in the middle of the huge controversy as she had referred to Raya… as a remake of the Avatar movie.

She deleted her tweets after furious keyboarders knocked her for her comments. They said that she was taking 2 diverse fragments of work and clubbing them under a similar category. She had said then that she considers the movie as basically Avatar…she said that it was similar to having all one fantasies published during the past several years.

She tweeted later in an effort to explain her earlier tweet. She said that she was implying that basically all properties that are Asian-inspired seemed the same. But Avatar’s basic framework has become popular that has risen over Asian stuff.

Lindsay Ellis Has Been Hailed For Bringing Simplicity To Science Fiction 

Lindsay Ellis’ later tweet was an explanation of her first tweet. Many thought that the original tweet lacked any form of research. Ellis writes from her home in Los Angeles. Her lots have been praised for its blistering pace and the lack of unnecessary subplots and language to make it laborious.

Her books inhabit the world where the aliens are unique without getting trapped in too scientific jargon that limits readers. Neither is her writing cliché filled.

Her fans say that she quit after constant humiliation. They say that Lindsay Ellis brought certain intelligence to the YouTube community. One fan wrote that we lost a titan.

Another fan said that social media alienates and ostracizes vulnerable individuals. Another fan wrote that the whole incident involving Lindsay Ellis reminds one that cancels culture must be done away with. It exists and people without power are the most vulnerable.

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