Suns vs Mavericks- 4 Keys To Victory For Phoenix

pelicans vs suns

While the Phoenix Suns are a damnably good team, what would be the plausible result at the end of the Suns vs Mavericks matchup? After all, the team has been good enough to win eight straight games in their postseason where they shot 50 plus percent in every game that saw them good enough for the second-longest streak in the era of the shot clock. But does that seem enough to take on the Mavericks? Coach Monty Williams has a few pearls of wisdom for them- he believes that it all comes down to adapting the game plan every time their opponent would be throwing something completely new at them.

Suns vs Mavericks- Stop Luka Doncic At All Costs! 

As the drum rolls for the Suns vs Mavericks match, every coach has something to say. Williams further states that his team did do quite a good job of adapting themselves on the fly. Rather than having to call a timeout or having to remind them of what defense was being implemented against them, they would be immensely helped with a veteran backcourt. The Suns are going to take full advantage of their veteran backcourt, which involves the likes of a 37-year-old Chris Paul and the rising star Devon Booker. But they will also be looking out for Dallas star Luka Doncic who could take the game away from them.

Williams believes that it would be pretty impossible to stop Luka Doncic at the Suns vs Mavericks game. In fact, the team would be better prepared to contain him and wear him down. Considering Luka was one of the best basketball players around, it would fall on the backcourt to solve. In Game 2, Chris Paul managed to hold Doncic in several screen scenarios- and Phoenix managed to execute the rest of the plan. 

If the team from Phoenix applies every trick in their rulebook, there is no reason why the Suns vs Mavericks match shouldn’t go in their favor.