Belgium Loses To Italy; Crashes Out Of The Euros Disappointingly

Belgium vs Italy
Belgium vs Italy

It is evident that the dreams of the young generation of Belgium are nearing an end. However, that is so not the case with the Italians. They are marching towards their golden opportunity. And that just got strengthened after they won against Belgium. They scored 2 goals against 1 goal scored by their opponent. The match was held on the 3rd of July that fell on a Saturday. The young guns of Italy are now set to face Spain in the upcoming match. That will be the semifinals of the European Championship 2020

Belgium’s Doku, Ahead Of His Age

Italy gained victory over Belgium only in the second half of the game. It was done by the old school player, Georgio Chiellini. The 37-year-old tried his best to keep the players of the opposing team from scoring a goal. He used his tactics of booting and heading to do so. Of course, it was not something that scored the Italian team any goal but he succeeded in getting what he wanted.

The bigger plan of Georgio Chelini was to keep the Belgium players from scoring a goal. Viewers found it absolutely interesting to watch the Italian captain not letting the ball get any close to the Italian goal. The ball could not go beyond a radius of 10 yards from the Italian goal post. 

While a lot of stars from the losing team are nearing the exit, there is someone who is making his way to the top. He is Jeremy Doku, the 19-year-old Belgium player whose form overpowers that of many aged and mature players in the game. When the game continued after the break, he displayed his talent with regard to the game. He was one of the highlights of the match as he tormented the players of Italy like no other.