Emma Stone Was Unhappy With Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone
Emma Stone

Emma Stone is the ex-girlfriend of Andrew Garfield. Both the stars dated each other for a while after deciding to call it quits. Stone has recently expressed her frustration with Andrew. 

She stated that Garfield is a great secret keeper. Andrew recently appeared in one of the biggest movies of Marvel- No Way Home. The movie had a huge build-up before it hit the theatres. 

Fan theories and speculations were running wild. A very popular rumor was that the film would portray all three Spider-Men from three different universes. 

Everyone kept talking about the theory and even the cast was asked about the plot. However, Emma thought that she is close to Garfield and would be able to know the actual truth. In reality, that was not to be. 

In a recent revelation, Emma said that she repeatedly asked about the plot from Garfield. Andrew was clever enough not to disclose it to her. 

Every time Emma asked him about the film, the actor would bypass the question in some way. This angered Stone very much. 

She could not believe her eyes when she saw that Garfield was actually in the movie. Stone even addressed Andrew as a “jerk”. 

Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Emma Stone Shocked At Andrew Garfield’s Secret 

Emma Stone was taken aback after watching Andrew’s secret-keeping abilities. She was startled when she found out that Andrew was in the movie ” No Way Home“. 

One of the main reasons for such secrecy is Marvel’s policy. Marvel takes great measures to prevent any leads before their big releases. Spiderman was no different. 

All the cast were advised not to share any info with anyone. 

Garfield was interviewed by several people before the movie. He kept on denying it to all of them. When asked about Emma Stone, Garfield stated that it was hard for him to be tight-lipped. 

The actor said that Stone would continue to text him and ask about the plot. Emma Stone is currently working on her new release, “Cruella 2”. 

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