Ben Affleck Having The Best Days Of His Career

Ben Affleck

After returning to directing post one of the best thing Ben Affleck has done is casting Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan has been giving Affleck a shock of good news after good news. They are shooting for Air. He had to keep his hero’s wishes. The wish was not only for heroes but also for his long-awaited wish.

Ben Affleck Gave Back Story At The Premiere

Michael Jordan is eternally grateful for his mother’s contributions and sacrifice for his life. He asked before Ben Affleck started shooting for Air. If anyone has to play my mother it has to be Viola Davis. Michael Jordan has asked something which Ben Affleck probably manifesting for his lifetime. If he could make that happen it would be a dream come true.

Ben Affleck also has been dying to cast Viola Davis in his film. Affleck revealed this at the premiere in Austin, Texas. When Michael Jordan asked him about Davis, it was more like a basketball player asking to play on your court.

Ben Affleck loved the idea of casting Viola Davis in the film. Even he thinks she is the best actor he has ever seen. It was Ben Affleck’s old wish that if any day he becomes a successful director he would cast Davis. The dream came true, he manifested it all.

It meant the world to him. He declared himself a successful director he could bring Davis into his film. He welcomed Viola Davis on stage. Because of Air, Affleck got the opportunity to work with Air vice president Howard White. He even worked with Chris Tucker. He wanted to work with me for years, Probably waited all his directorial life till now.