Ben Affleck Unbothered About Social Media Memes

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

There are no celebrities left in Hollywood, who haven’t been meme material for their hilarious or any kind of expression. And this is not the first time Ben Affleck has been a meme, previously he was named sad Affleck because of his expression. And it was his wife Jennifer Lopez who showed him the meme going viral on the internet, while sitting at the Grammys, she said she got a notification of her husband’s memes. Well, he didn’t like it. His expression was more like not again.

Wife Trying Keep Ben Affleck’s Expression In Check

Jennifer Lopez continuously tried to keep Ben Affleck’s expression correct. And JLo loved the fact despite being a hilarious sensation on the internet he didn’t bother. And being a wife, Jlo did lose her patience, she continuously reminded him to smile and made the face where Ben Affleck could appear motivated and charming, and friendly. However, his face said otherwise, Trevor Noah sat next to them.

And he enjoyed the little moment the husband and wife had. Where Ben Affleck was determined not to change his expression. They appeared cute. Many others confirmed Ben Affleck was actually upset over those memes, and no one really could say what was bothering him. A person called Anna, who sat next to them, felt very thrilled to be at the Grammys and moreover sitting next to them. The newly married couple left the award show early cause apparently ben Affleck pulled Jennifer Lopez’s skirt way too up, well it was funny.

Affleck has been working tirelessly on a new project so is Jennifer Lopez, though he showed up at the Grammys to show support and he wasn’t himself. The couple has been setting up a new bar for the relationship.