Ben Simmons Censured After Nets Go Down For A 9th Time To Celtics: Does Everything But Score

ben simmons
ben simmons

Ben Simmons has come in for strong criticism after losing again to the Celtics, their 10 straight loss. As Kevin Durant remains sidelined and perhaps out for as many as 4 weeks, the Nets appear to have given up on Ben Simmons to recompense for the loss of 30 points every game.

The mercurial top player of the recent past had severe health issues and sat out the previous season with mental and back problems.

Even though he was out for most of the season, Ben Simmons continued to give glimpses of his potential as a scorer. In November, he had a twenty-plus score but then has gone downhill. He is yet to cross into double figures after December 28.

In the critical game against the Celtics, Simmons was way off his true form and threw up odd figures of 0 points, 13 assists, and 9 rebounds. The Net went down 109 to 98 to the Boston Celtics for the 9th time in a row at the Barclays Center.

Ben Simmons Admitted That He Needed To Be More Aggressive And Assertive

Charles Barkley commented on TNT that Ben Simmons should have peaked in the absence of Kevin Durant. He is next only to Durant and coming up with a blank score is hard on the team.

Shaquille O’Neal said that only the rebounds and the assists are not enough, and Ben Simmons needs to score if the Nets are to win. He noted that Ben has to be aggressive, but he did not look at the nets.

O’Neal scathingly said that Ben Simmons wasn’t even there on the floor.

Simmons himself acknowledged that he has to be more forceful, and more assertive, and he realized that the Nets need that from him at this juncture. He admitted that he was giving up the ball way too many times. Jacque Vaughn, the Nets coach, said that Ben Simmons was more valuable in the defense.