Jacob Elordi Seen With Olivia Giannulli A Month After Splitting With Kaia Gerber v

Jacob Elordi
Jacob Elordi

It has only been a month since Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber split. Jacob Elordi has been spotted spending time with Olivia J Giannulli. On Sunday, Jacob Elordi, aged 24, and Giannulli, aged 22, were spotted getting coffee. They were seen hanging out in LA’s Silver Lake area. 

In the photographs, Elordi and Giannulli were taking a walk with friends. Jacob Elordi wore a hoodie and jeans. Giannulli donned fuzzy slippers and gray sweats. 

Rumors about Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber’s breakup were confirmed last month. They had been together for more than a year. According to sources, they were unable to spend time together due to their hectic schedules. 

Jacob Elordi Had Only Positive Things To Say

In an interview,  Elordi said that Kaia taught him how to handle fame. The interview was held before they broke up and published on Dec 20. 

 Elordi and Gerber kept their love lives private. Kaia Gerber, in an interview with Vogue, explained that her relationship with Jacob gave her a sense of security. It taught her what unconditional love should truly feel like. She further explained that lust is all about being physical and love is about accepting the other person for all that they are.

Giannulli and Jackson Guthy broke up in 2019. Sources revealed that it was due to the university admission scandal involving her parents. 

Jackson called it quits because he was overwhelmed. The scandal did not affect his career. Since he could not be seen publicly with Olivia, it was tough on him. US Weekly confirmed that Jackson and Giannulli were back together. The pair split again in August 2021.