Immigration Records Give The Lie To Claims By George Santos: Not In the US On 9/11

George Santos

Despite claims of being a victim of 9/11, immigration records have revealed that neither George Santos nor his mother was in the US on that fateful day. Earlier the Republican Representative had claimed that mother was in her office at the World Trade Center on 9/11. But government records have revealed that she was in Brazil during that period.

Immigration records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act application by Alex Calzareth, a genealogical researcher, reveal that George Santos’s mother Fatima C. Devolder entered the US only in 2003, two years after the WTC attack. She had not been in the US since 1999 and was living in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Fatima left the US in 1999 and claimed she lost her green card while in Brazil, her records revealed. Later she applied for reentry and got readmitted in 2003 as revealed by her records. She had put on record that she retired or was unemployed and revealed her plans to reside in a Queens neighborhood in New York, the documents revealed.

Much Of George Santos’ Background And Resume Are Fake

So despite records revealing that she was not in the US between 1999 and 2003, George Santos’ campaign stated that his mother was among those who survived the 9/11 tragedy. The website further states that she later succumbed to cancer caused by the events of 9/11.

In a Twitter reply, George Santos sought to liken his mother’s death of cancer to the 9/11 attacks. And though the campaign claimed she died within years of the attack, she died 15 years later in 2016.

George Santos also lied about most of his early life, and his resume has been doctored beyond recognition. He is now the focus of the investigation at the federal and local levels. He has apologized for some facets of his biography but has refused to resign, saying that he had not done anything unethical.