Beosound Level Outsounds Your Other Speakers

Beosound Level
Beosound Level

Beosound Level is a speaker by the Danish brand, Bang And Olufsen. The connected speaker is a battery-powered one, in their latest release. The speaker also can be used for voice controls through Google Assistant as well as Bluetooth. But you can also use it for streaming through standards like Chromecast, Airplay 2, or Spotify Connect. The firm then said about their new gadget that it uses a construction, moduled as such, to be used in the future as well. It comes with a modular architecture for repairs as well as future upgrades

The feature is a welcome one, taking into account the higher price of Beosound Level, starting at $1499. It is also available for 1099 GBP. The average run of a lifetime of a speaker is not as long. Several stereo systems, as well as speakers and cassette players from the past mid-century, can and are still in use and rotation. But if a system that plays music has or is connected to a computer, you have to be ready to discard it sometime in the future. It will soon be outdated. 

Beosound Level’s Features

At the center of the module of Beosound Level is a streaming module specifically inbuilt for the device. The digital signal chip of processing or DSP is held at that very center. It also houses an antenna array, as well as a tech of wireless connectivity. It is the firm’s first speaker to have this feature. The company also said that the device contains enough space for future updates to be handled. But if the hardware may reach its limits, the firm is already planning on an upgrade. This will be for buyers who would want their streaming module replaced.

The battery of the speakers is modular as well. But it is definitely user-replaceable. But to replace it, a battery specifically for the device will be needed, and not any other. There is also a wall bracket available to purchase separately. It costs $119. So the speaker can either stand, sleep, or hang somewhere. Beosound consists of 5 drivers as well.

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