Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Stresses US Not Afraid Of Chinese Competitions And Their Weapons Upgrade

Lloyd Austin

The US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently spoke of a recent Chinese weapons upgrade. They tested a hypersonic system and nuclear testing. He stressed that the US doesn’t fear competition.

Lloyd Austin was delivering the keynote address at the Reagan National Defense Forum. He said that America is capable of taking on the Chinese military might and is intent on supporting Taiwan’s defensive capabilities. But he stressed that the US was not trying to build an Asian NATO, nor was it attempting to build a coalition against China.

Lloyd Austin said that the US does face a daunting challenge from China, but the nation would meet this challenge with resolve and confidence, not pessimism and panic.

Lloyd Austin was joined by defense industry top leaders as they expressed the importance of strengthening ties between nations allied to the US. They also sounded the threat that Russia and China pose as the nations continue their aggressive build-up of defense systems not seen after the Second World War.

Lloyd Austin stressed that both in war and peace, we always remain strong when we cooperate with friends.  He said that China continues to upgrade its defense capabilities, strengthening its nuclear stockpile with the plan to reach 1,000 systems by 2030.

Strengthening Taiwan Remains A Focus: Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin

Lloyd Austin was emphatic that America will never force any countries to choose sides between them and China. Instead, the Biden government was focused on building a strong deterrence against the threat the Chinese posed to Taiwan. He said that it was important to maintain a regional status quo.

Taiwan and China have had separate governments since the civil war ended 7 decades ago. The Nationalists had fled to Taiwan and formed a government there. But the Chinese claim Taiwan as a renegade nation.

Lloyd Austin also stressed that the Pentagon must act swiftly to provide the latest technology to the US forces. He said that the US remained committed to building a stable, open, and free international system.