Bernie Sanders Wants To Protect Voting Rights And American Democracy!

Infrastructure Bill
Infrastructure Bill

On Sunday, Bernie Sanders, Senator, signaled that he is in favor of the proposed changes mentioned by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. Joe Manchin wants to debate the legislation regarding sweeping elections in Congress. 

Bernie Sanders In Full Favor Of The Proposals Made By Joe Manchin!

Bernie Sanders, senator, and an independent, Vermont stated that he will do everything to protect the democracy of America. Bernie Sanders caucuses with the House’s Democrats. When asked by Dana Bash of CNN on her program, he said that he supports the proposal of Joe Manchin for the US. He also added that he is in favor of HR 1 passed by the House and wants to do everything to protect the democracy of America. In his interview, Bernie Sanders said that he will do his absolute best and terms the effort by the relief bill as a serious and comprehensive one. 

Bernie Sanders states that the bill will protect the democracy of America. But, he adds that the Senate has yet to play a major role in this. The Senate hasn’t yet voted on advancing the legislation regarding voting rights. The current form of the legislation still lacks the support of the Republicans and needs sixty more votes to get passed by the House. Previously, Joe Manchin opposed this drafted legislation.

Later, he said that he is all set to support a modified version of the bill. Bernie Sanders is in full support of the statement by Joe Manchin. Manchin also added that he can support several provisions included in the Act. This includes Election Day being made a holiday for the American public, banning gerrymandering, and expanding voting to a minimum of fifteen consecutive days.