Kay Ivey Blames Unvaccinated People For The Latest Outbreak in 2021.

Kay Ivey
Kay Ivey

Kay Ivey, who is the Republican Governor from Alabama blamed the unvaccinated citizens for the latest outbreak in the coronavirus cases. This comes at a moment where many leaders are failing to motivate people to obtain their vaccinations on time.

Kay Ivey called out the unvaccinated people as they were the ones who did not possess any common sense. The vaccinated people were doing it for the sake of their country while the others were just letting the nation down.

The most number of residents who are unvaccinated are in Alabama with only 33.9% of their residents vaccinated. The average cases per day have doubled considering the last week and almost four times what they were prior to that.

Kay Ivey’s Message To The Media

Kay Ivey took to the media that the unvaccinated people were the ones who were hospitalized as well as dying in numbers. According to Ivey, they were choosing a life where they were inflicting pain upon themselves. 

Kay believes that there is no requirement for incentives. They have offered small ones when compared to the other States in the US. Alabama had previously received funds in the billions.

Kay Ivey had chosen to end the mandatory use of masks in April. In May, the government had announced that vaccinated people need not wear masks in public. This scenario has changed after the spread of the Delta version of the virus. The experts believe that both the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated citizens should wear a mask in public places. 

Jen Psaki understood Kay Ivey’s disappointment when she was asked about the resistance against vaccinations. She believes that they should not blame each other but work together and inform the masses with the necessary information and knowledge. The people who are unvaccinated are a hazard to themselves as well as to people who are around them. Surges in the outbreak were observed in the “Trump” States. Trump had suggested that people were avoiding the vaccine as they failed to trust Joe Biden.