Jake Sullivan Prepares More Sanctions On Russia Over Imprisonment Of Navalny!

Jake Sullivan
Jake Sullivan

Jake Sullivan, an Advisor, National Security, the United States, talks about imposing more sanctions on Russia for the imprisonment and poisoning of Alexey Navalny, the opposition leader. The administration of US president Joe Biden is preparing to impose more sanctions on Russia for the imprisonment and poisoning of Alexey Navalny, the opposition leader. 

Jake Sullivan Wants The US To Prevent Harmful Activities By Russia!

Jake Sullivan told Dana Bash of CNN that the US is preparing to impose another round of sanctions on Russia for this incident regarding Alexey Navalny. He adds that the US will turn its eye away from the harmful activities of Russia, be it Navalny, election interference, or solar winds. The US is going to pull its punches hard and slow. Jake Sullivan also mentioned other sanctions which will be in place once they have confirmed the accurate targets.

He also talked about further sanctions regarding chemical weapons. The comments by Sullivan followed after Joe Biden kicked off his summit of three hours with Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, in Geneva. Since he held office as the President of the United States, this is his 1st foreign tour. Putin and Biden both described their meeting as very positive. However, the summit lacked any primary breakthroughs. 

Joe Biden has further stated that the proof regarding positive progress with Russia is yet to come and will probably be coming later. Last week Joe Biden said that he has mentioned the consequences to Putin if Navalny dies in prison. He said that the consequences would be dreadful and devastating for Putin’s country. Now, Jake Sullivan talks about sanctions to be imposed on Russia and primarily on the entities and officials in Russia responsible for the imprisonment and poisoning of Navalny in March.