In Deep Red Texas Guns And Abortion Was Taken On By Beta O’Rourke

Beta O'Rourke

Treva Sanges was present to protest Beto O’Rourke’s supporters as they left a crowded campaign event in a small, conservative town north of Dallas.

She called them out as murderers. Most people passed her, but Abbi Gregory and a friend who favored abortion rights stopped and had a lengthy discussion with Sanges. The women soon found that they had once been neighbors despite being political rivals.

Gregory, 22, said that he had a few of the art pieces of Beta O’Rourke hanging inside his house. Another resident, Sanges, said that he loved her to every piece.

O’Rourke has been traveling to extremely conservative areas of rural Texas because he is locked in a race against Gov. Greg Abbott that has become unexpectedly close. This has led to conflicts and conversations between Democrats and Republicans who ordinarily wouldn’t speak about politics, even if they saw each other daily at the grocery store or church.

Beta O’Rourke Took On Guns And Abortion: 

O’Rourke took pains to focus his criticisms on Abbott and not Republicans during five recent town hall-style events across Texas’ very red, rural northeast. He brought demonstrators inside to relieve the oppressive heat and heard questions from Abbott backers.

In Beta O’Rourke’s opinion, such initiatives are crucial to his difficult campaign to win back the governor’s office for Democrats for the first time since Ann Richards’ remarkable victory in 1990.

Former El Paso congressman Beto O’Rourke has endeavored to learn from the mistakes of that election. His efforts to increase voter turnout also aided Sen. Ted Cruz as his campaign shunned big-money backers. O’Rourke earned his name with a brazen challenge and close loss to Cruz in 2018. He has accepted several $1 million gifts this time, including one from billionaire George Soros.