Kamala Harris Allocates Budget To Countering GOP Voting Demands

Havana Syndrome
Havana Syndrome

Kamala Harris, the vice-president of the United States of America, made an announcement with regard to the plans of the Democratic party in order to counter the opposition party. She stated that the national committee of the Democratic party is looking forward to making an investment of about 25 million USD. The fund will be precisely used to counter the laws and legislation put forward by the GOP. 

Kamala Harris On Democracy

The new financial framework of the Democratic party is an important part of the “I Will Vote Campaign.” as the midterm elections will soon take place in the country, the party is looking forward to maintaining an accelerated rate in the voting numbers than that in the 2020 Presidential elections. Kamala Harris, the Democratic Vice-president of the country, let the people know about the plans of the party at one of the events that were held at Howard University. The university is situated in Washington and is her alma mater as well. It is also one of the Black Colleges historically. There, she stated the Democratic initiative as a lifetime’s fight for the nation. 

The 56-year-old first-ever vice-president of the country mentioned the importance of the initiative. She claimed that it had everything to do with the citizens of the United States of America. The issue that they were working on was out of party lines and was irrelevant to both the Republic as well as the Democratic party.

Kamala Harris stated that all they wanted was for more people to be able to exercise their right to vote. And also that their vote was counted. Mentioning the importance of the subject of democracy in the democratic country, the Democratic leader stated that only people’s participation would strengthen a democratic country. And the absence of participation would lead to a weaker nation in terms of democracy.