Greg Abbott Calls For Fresh Laws Amidst School Tragedy

Greg Abbott
Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott is one of the most prominent names in the political circuit of America. He is a veteran in his job and is vastly experienced. Greg has served the nation and his state with significant contributions. The politician is currently serving as the Governor of Texas. The state has been rattled by one of the biggest tragedies in recent times. A few days earlier, a gunman entered a school and opened fire on innocent people. As many as twenty people were killed and several others were injured in the tragic incident.

Everyone is talking about the incident at the moment. Most of the citizens and politicians demanded a suitable step from the government. After a delay for a short while, the governor has finally spoken out about the decision to the public.

He stated that a new law would be enforced keeping in mind the lives that were lost in the most saddening manner. The new law that is supposed to be enforced soon is rumored to be about holding a gun. Greg Abbott is very much interested to restrict access to firearms and ammunition from the general public. He stated that several cross-checking must be done before permitting an individual to use a firearm. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Greg Abbott To Sanction New Law 

Greg Abbott is likely to take stern actions instead of the tragic shooting that took place at an elementary school in Texas. However, Abbott did not believe that the arms and ammunition rule of Texas was the culprit behind such a massacre. 

The state of Texas allows every individual above the age of eighteen years to own a firearm. Many politicians cited this law for the tragedy. However, Greg Abbott stated that the law has been there for a long time. No incidents of school shootings were reported in the past decade.