Beyonce Stars In New Campaign For Tiffany & Co.


Beyonce has been signed up to appear for a brand new campaign. The campaign is launched by Tiffany & Co, a renowned jewelry brand. It will reflect upon the concept and ideas relating to modern love. It is expected to address the different aspects of love in modern society. The campaign will also shine a light on the myths and difficulties that surround the theme. According to the news revealed, Beyonce will be partnering with her love interest Jay-Z. Alexander Arnault is the Executive Vice President of the jewelry brand. He stated that Beyonce and Jay-Z were the best options for the campaign. 

Beyonce & Jay-Z Appears For ABOUT LOVE

The latest campaign is the result of a dream collaboration between Carters and Tiffany &  Co. They share similar visions and the latest campaign is expected to be a huge hit. ABOUT LOVE is rumored to make Tiffany & Co. attain greater heights. The Vice President of the brand stated that Beyonce and her lover represent a strong case of a modern love story. That made them the fittest choice for the upcoming launch. 

The Tiffany diamond is been worn for the first time at a promotional event. Beyonce was seen to be wearing the 128.54 carats diamond throughout her shoot. The magnificent-looking diamond has a mind-blowing 82facets. This piece of stone is considered the most valuable discovery. It was discovered in 1877 at the mines of Kimberly. Charles Lewis Tiffany was the owner who bought the gem in 1878. 

The campaign will have Beyonce’s voice. Jay-Z was reported to capture her love interest on a super 8 camera. The event was shot at the iconic location on Los Angeles’ Orum House. ABOUT LOVE also had a print campaign. This was photographed by Mason Poole. The stylist for the campaign was June Ambrose and Marni Senofonte. The campaign is expected to be released on 15th September. 

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