Bob Melvin Appointed As Padres’ Coach

Bob Melvin
Bob Melvin

Bob Melvin is a renowned name in the baseball circuit. He was born on 28th October 1961. He has been a baseball player himself professionally. Melvin has been a fantastic catcher all through his playing career. 

He has donned the jersey for a number of clubs. San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox are some of the many clubs he played for. Bob has gone on to become one of the most lovable and successful coaches of all time. He was currently managing the Oakland Athletics. 

Bob Melvin has had an exceptional stint as a coach. He won the award for being the best coach three years in a row. Melvin has been roped in by the Padres as their head coach recently. A recent report has confirmed the signing. This is great news for the San Diego side. Let us learn more details about the incident below. 

Bob Melvin Is The New Coach Of San Diego

The news surfaced recently stating various rumors about Bob Melvin. Melvin was speculated to be leaving his current club soon. The news was indeed confirmed later as he was appointed by the Padres. A spokesperson opened up to the media about the possible signing. However, the person refrained from revealing his identity. As the news had not yet been announced officially, the sixty-year-old did not take the risk. 

The contract offered is said to be of three years. The induction of Bob Melvin in the team will surely bolster their lost confidence. San Diego Padres suffered from a streak of lackluster performance. Jace Tingler has been looking after the team previously. However, following a heavy defeat in the season, he was sacked. This team is highly expectant of their new coach. It now remains to be seen how much Bob can deliver.