Biden hits Trump’s ‘law and order’ message: He’s trying to ‘scare the devil’ out of people

Former Vice President and Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden has accused Donald Trump’s campaign of trying to instill fear into the voters.

With not more than three months to go for the election, the Trump campaign released some very controversial ads which accused Joe Biden of endorsing the movement to defund the police, a stance that the president says will lead to an increase in crime rates as there will be longer wait time when someone calls the national helpline number.

Biden, in a campaign event in Delaware on Tuesday, denied all allegations and said that the advertisements are trying to “scare the devil” out of the American people.

These ads come at a time when the country is strife with demonstrations against systemic racism and police brutality that erupted after the murder of George Floyd. The Trump administration has dubbed these peaceful demonstrations as violent and called the protestors ‘anarchists’. They have even sent federal law enforcement officers to curb these peaceful protests with tear gas and batons.

Biden said that those engaging in criminal activity should be held accountable and that if elected he will increase funding to the local policing programs.

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