Biden Is Happy With The Democrats For Holding Senate On Of Asia Summit Day 2

Joe Biden

In a stunning midterm election outcome that confounded expectations, President Joe Biden’s Democrats kept control of the US Senate on Saturday. This result bucked expectations of a Republican sweep in both chambers of Congress.

With one race still up in the air, US networks declared the crucial Senate election in Nevada for Democratic incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto, providing the party the 50 seats it needs to hold an actual majority.

In response to the Democratic victory, Joe Biden expressed his extreme satisfaction with the turnout and claimed the Republican Party will now need to determine “who they are.”

Biden Is Very Pleased

The Democrats took the lead on Friday as it was predicted that Democrat Mark Kelly would win a close Senate race in Arizona, leaving the two sides neck-and-neck at 49 seats each. The Senate majority had hung in the balance days after the voting on Tuesday.

The party in power is typically defeated in midterm elections, and with inflation skyrocketing and Joe Biden’s popularity in free fall, Republicans had been hoping to ride a massive “red wave” and take both chambers of Congress.

Republicans are somewhat favored to take control of the House of Representatives, but it would be with a much smaller margin than they anticipated going into Tuesday’s election. The outcome in the Senate is also in doubt. On Tuesday, Trump is scheduled to launch his run for the presidency in 2024. He had planned this announcement as a triumphal response to the anticipated overwhelming election victory of the party he currently controls.

The disappointing result has led to a round of internal finger-pointing that includes Trump, the party leaders, and the campaign rhetoric as its targets.

Three Republican senators distributed a letter on Saturday requesting the delay of the party leadership elections, which are currently set for the beginning of next week, according to US media.