Joe Biden, Planned To Celebrate The Return Of The Egg Roll

Egg Roll
Egg Roll

Joe Biden, the President of America, and Jill Biden, the first lady are going to honor Easter tradition for the first time this upcoming week which will make this the 142nd Easter Egg Roll of the White House. This is being celebrated after a halt for two years after the onset of the coronavirus era. 

The Theme Of The Egg Roll This Year Is ‘EGGucation’

As per the office of the first lady, the theme has been decided as ‘EGGucation’ with a total transformation of South Lawn as a community of schools which would allow more than 30,000 people who will come to enjoy and will even include families of the military from the USS Delaware. All the plans are set and more than 50,000 eggs have been boiled hard and taken to the capital of the country, Washington DC with the help of refrigerator trucks. 

The Egg Board of America will donate 90,000 eggs as per their association with the White House for a long time. As per Emily Metz, the CEO of the Egg Board, nearly 50,000 eggs boiled will be utilized as races of egg rolls with the help of wooden spoons, decorating, dyeing, and egg hunt. These eggs were dyed, boiled hard, and transferred from North Carolina to the capital on several trucks, and John Watson from the Braswell Family Farms will help throughout this process. 

The eggs will be properly stored before Monday and in addition to these, 40,000 eggs were also given to be used as food for the guests. The Egg Board will present the commemorative egg to Jill Biden which is a 45-year-old tradition that began with the administration of Carter. 

The Commemorative egg will be painted by Russ Hagen which must match the theme. The last 45 eggs with a design that have been given to the first ladies for all these years will be displayed in the White House’s Easter Wing.