Reli3f, The Initiative Of Web3 Raised Approximately $1.5 Million


Reli3f is a humanitarian aid initiative founded by the artists of NFT/Web3 that is working to help the people in Ukraine in their hard times. Reli3f has launched a collection of second NTF this Thursday after raising more than $300,000 for charities of Ukraine that are recognized and the aggregate amount went up to $1.5 million. 

Reli3f, The Project Is Focused On Providing Relief To Ukrainian Citizens 

Reli3f was established by well-known entrepreneurs of Web3 like Giovanni Gussen, Rasklov, Andrew Wang, Aleksandra Artamonovskaja, and many more in February 2022. It has brought together 62 talents of famous artists from all over the world to portray the huge power of NFTs that can be used for social good.

The entire team decided to give away the money of the first fund to numerous enterprises like Serhiy Prytula Foundation, 46.25 ETH each to Razom Ukraine, Valery Soznovsky Headquarters, and many more. Another 40 ETH was given to Web3 and Outright Action International in Ukraine through the fund of royalties. 

Reli3f revealed the cultural advocacy and momentum of their unique collection like Fvckrender, Clon, the co-founder of Cool Cats, and Danny Cole, the man behind the Creature World. In the Reli3f 2 Ukraine, 23 famous and talented artists will be brought to the roster from all over the world and they will join hands to raise as much money as possible for supporting Ukraine after Russia invaded Ukraine and killed many civilians and soldiers in that process. 

As per sources from Sethi, out of 37 celebrities, five of them wanted to retain some amount of the royalties that they earned as revenue. Other celebrities chose to give the entire fund to different charitable organizations which were followed by the new artists that said yes to the second fund collection. The interesting thing about this drop is celebrities from different backgrounds have been taken and some of them do not think of themselves as NFT artists.