Jimmy Allen Has Been Sued For Assault, Sexual Abuse By Former Manager

Jimmy Allen

According to the latest information put forward by Page Six, Jimmy Allen has been sued for assault and sexual abuse by his former manager. A woman, who refused to identify herself- filed a suit against the singer in Tennessee, where she claimed that the singer had allegedly raped her and subjected her to sexual harassment and abuse for a period of 18 months- during the time she was employed by the management company of the singer.

In the documents that the media company has received, the woman detailed that the 37-year-old singer had allegedly raped her during a work trip to Los Angeles in March 2021, when he was a guest judge on American Idol.

Jimmy Allen’s Former Manager Has Sued Him For Sexual Abuse, Rape, and Harassment Throughout Her Employment

The woman, who has been referred to as Jane Doe, claims that during a work dinner with several industry executives and Jimmy Allen, she had drunk a few glasses of white wine and had promptly blacked out. She claimed that when she woke up, she found herself naked in her hotel room a few hours later, while the singer urged her to take a contraceptive pill immediately.

She also disclosed that she had been bleeding vaginally, and had realized that she had lost her virginity non-consensually. She also accused the singer of abusing her sexually in green rooms, red lights, airplanes, and in several other places where it was required for her to be there.

The documents in court also showcased that the manager had accused Jimmy Allen of raping her in private whilst choking her. He had also taken multiple videos of their sexual encounter in order to blackmail her to not open her mouth about it.