President Biden Eases To Comfortable Win In South Carolina Primary

South Carolina Primary

President Joe Biden confirmed an expected victory over a host of minor challengers in the South Carolina primary. The Democrats have made South Carolina the first nominating contest for the party. Biden thus has succeeded in elevating the influence of Black voters in a state that was crucial in his election in the 2020 presidential elections.

Biden swamped two other candidates in the South Carolina primary. The voting was closely monitored by experts as there were concerns over his popularity, primarily among the Black population. Edison Research anticipated a win for Biden just after the polls closed at 7 p.m. EST on Saturday. His margin of voters remained steady throughout and even as the night wore on.

93.3% of precincts reported and revealed that Biden had won 96.4% of the total votes cast. That came to 116,266 of the 120,643 total votes. This placed him way ahead of his two primary challengers.

Low Voter Turnout At The South Carolina Primary A Cause For Concern

But a cause for concern was the low turnout that failed to match up to expectations. Democratic Party officials have admitted that they had hoped for as much as 200,000 votes to be cast in the South Carolina primary. Later a county tour of the Southern state was planned to enthuse voters. Multiple events were also planned across the state.

The Biden campaign has stated after the South Carolina Primary win that the people of South Carolina have again backed Biden and should place him on the path to another win. They also said that the recent turn of events will ensure that former president Donald Trump will again become a loser.

The dominant Black votes boosted Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign and ensured his journey to the White House. Even as the South Carolina primary polls came to an end, Biden was in Los Angeles where he was to meet a host of Black entertainers.  

There have also been doubts that his age would go against him. He has also become an unpopular incumbent due to security concerns along the Mexican border and high consumer prices.