USC And UCLA To Join Big Ten In 2024


Following USC and UCLA’s intentions to join the Big Ten in 2024, the Pac-12 administrators and chancellors gave the league permission on Friday morning to “examine all expansion alternatives.”

The statement said, “On behalf of our student-athletes, the ten university presidents and chancellors remain dedicated to a common purpose of academic and athletic achievement.”

In terms of who the Pac-12 might consider inviting, a source close to the league told ESPN on Friday that “it is wide open,” but added that the Big 12 and ACC are worth investigating. Although there has been talk of Oregon and Washington wanting to join USC and UCLA in the Big Ten, the league has not received any formal word from them regarding their plans. USC and UCLA will join the Big Ten league on August 2, 2024, following a unanimous decision by the conference’s presidents and chancellors on Thursday.

USC And UCLA Will Leave Pac-12

According to a second source within the Pac-12, “every effort” is being made to ensure the league’s future on Friday, according to ESPN. Later on Thursday, the Pac-12 issued a statement in which it expressed its “great astonishment and disappointment” at the departures of UCLA and USC. Two of the Pac-12’s top programs, USC and UCLA, received word Thursday night that their Big Ten membership application had been approved.

In 2024, the schools will start participating in the league. The decision was unanimous when league presidents and chancellors convened on Thursday night to discuss the inclusion of the two institutions, according to a statement from the Big Ten. The investigation into money and what it would take to execute the transfer has been ongoing for weeks, a source told ESPN. Although money is a major factor in the decision, other factors, such as competition, brand recognition, and the sport’s general future, have been more important.