Biden’s Surprise Border Visit

Biden Border Visit

The first time in Joe Biden’s presidency he visited the border, which created history and broke the states, the Mexico border. The border visit caught many at the migrant center off guard, unluckily there were no migrants with whom he could have met or interacted. The El Passo border gave life to many, and still, there are uncountable people living on the streets.

Border Visit Caused Chaos In the Politics

Former president Donald Trump, the first move was to build a wall between Mexico and the united states. Which was a heartless act of his, he was the reason democrats fall behind. And which caused him to lose and all the following consequences. During the border visit, he took his time to let that iron-slatted fence and barbed wire sink in. Many supporters believed he was generous enough to pay a visit and hear the crying souls to be rescued. He talked to the guard on duty, in a green uniform.

However, he has been criticized by the republicans and his own fellow party members. He failed to address the border crossing records. Border Visit seemed unsuccessful to some, as he couldn’t or didn’t meet the migrants, talked to the officials at the facility and shook hands with them, and interacted. And offered to help in any way, and the officials came up with the funding issue.

After the president’s border visit, he came to conclusion and felt guilty about his own democratic party. Who has the responsibility to fix a past mistake and regain the country’s trust? He is ashamed that his own party member closed the door to the people in need.

And republican party member has given a letter to the president which has been published, urging Biden to visit the border-related properties and witness their conditions. However, he has not responded to it anyway.