Bill Clinton Takes Up For Sean Patrick Maloney Now

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton endorsed U.S. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s re-election bid amid a Democratic primary scheduled for Aug. 23. Clinton’s endorsement for Maloney came the same day as the Hudson Valley lawmaker was also endorsed by the New York State United Teachers, a labor organization. 

The nod from Clinton also carries weight given he is a constituent for Maloney in the district. Maloney also worked as an aide in the Clinton administration.

In his half-hour speech on Saturday, Bill Clinton attacked the Republicans and tore into their policies. 

Bill Clinton’s Speach 

The campaign committee for Democrats, which is chaired by Maloney, has decided to spend USD 605 K. This was announced early this week. They assume it will be a tough fight between Mike Lawler and Maloney. With Bill Clinton stepping in to fight for Maloney, it adds weight in his favor. 

Clinton agreed with the voter’s fears and frustration regarding the situation the people were in owing to the Inflation and its effect on their lives. He further said that if the voters were to vote Maloney out and bring in Mike Lawler, it would make the matters worse for themselves as the Republicans have no intentions of fighting Inflation. 

Clinton in his speech continued by saying that the voters will see cutbacks on spending in social securities and medicare which he found to be unbelievable. The price of medicines will go up and the manufacturer will charge the price that he wants. The cap on the insulin price would go and there would be cutbacks on aid to Ukraine too. He went on to say further that the economic conditions of many countries in Europe were far worse.

He even highlighted the causes of Inflation saying the cause was the disruption of the supply since the pandemic.