After SCOTUS Shield, Lindsey Graham Tells Court No Need To Rush On Testimony At Expense Of Appeal And Immunities

Lindsey Graham

After Republican-appointed Supreme Court Justice and Trump ally Clarence Thomas temporarily blocked an order for Senator Lindsey Graham to testify before a grand jury, Graham has said that there is no need to rush for his testament. He has indicated that Fani Willis, the District Attorney of Fulton County was in a rush.

The US Senator is under investigation for his role in the subversion plot in Georgia. Lindsey Graham has requested to block the subpoena against him even as his legal trial plays out.

The Senator said that he did not see any need to give up the appeal plus the accompanying immunities to maintain the DA’s preferred timeline.

DA Fani Willis is heading the grand jury inquiry into the attempts made by former President Trump to reverse the Georgia result of the election. Lindsey Graham’s court submission on the latest brief to the court has opened the dispute to ruling by the judges.

Lindsey Graham Is Banking On A Favorable Decision From Judge Clarence Thomas

With Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas overseeing emergency issues covering the Southeast, he can expect a favorable decision similar to the provisional hold on the subpoena enforcement.

Lindsey Graham has argued that the Speech or Debate Clause guaranteed by the US Constitution precludes his compliance with the issued subpoena. The Clause shields congresspersons from law enforcement if it pertains to legislative duties.

The Senator’s lawyers have also argued that the subpoena ought to be invalidated for sovereign immunity.

Graham wrote that the extendable completion date for the investigation was putting him, a sitting US Senator to severe harm. This violated, he wrote, 2 of the structural safeguards afforded by the US Constitution.

Lindsey Graham maintained that the delay caused to the probe caused by the litigation was a mere “inconvenience.” His legal team accused the DA of trying to rush through with her interrogation presently scheduled on November 17. He said that she was not giving enough time for the court of appeals to resolve the case according to its merits.