Bill Hader And Ali Wong Are Together

Bill Hader

Bill Hader’s official girlfriend is Ali Wong. Page Six has received exclusive confirmation from the “Barry” star’s publicist that the humorous couple is back together. We noted their short relationship in December of the previous year.

However, Hader referred to his “girlfriend” in a recent interview with Collider. Although he did not specifically identify Wong by name, his agent verified that the “Beef” actor was the subject of the conversation. Bill Hader and Ali Wong are two comedic performers who have likely been making you laugh for a while. 

Bill Hader And Ali Wong Rekindle Romance

They are currently dating once more. But hold on, they had a previous relationship! Let’s dissect it for a moment, then. So, there were reports that Ali and Bill were dating at the end of last year, but those allegations didn’t surface until they had purportedly split up.

It appears like the two are back together at this time. Bill Hader and Ali Wong are back together, according to a statement from Hader’s representative to Entertainment Tonight.

The revelation of their rekindled romance follows the demise of both Ali and Bill’s previous partnerships as well as their split

Ali divorced Justin Hakuta last year (and just opened up about their relationship on BuzzFeed). And Bill and Anna Kendrick broke up last year after dating for more than two years.

Nevertheless, there’s more: Bill referred to Ali as his “girlfriend” in a recent interview with Collider without identifying her by name. When asked about his post-Barry plans, he said, “My girlfriend and I were just figuring out that I haven’t had a vacation in 10 years. I accompanied her to San Francisco, but it hardly counts. So let’s hope they travel somewhere pleasant!