Joe Biden Goes Shopping And Attends Christmas Tree Lighting In Nantucket

Christmas Tree Lighting

President Joe Biden spent over an hour pounding the cobblestone streets in downtown Nantucket doing some shopping and popping unexpectedly into old-world mom-and-pop stores. He posed for pictures with surprised owners. The President even attended a Christmas Tree Lighting.

Biden’s grandchildren accompanied him on the jaunt. The President and the entire family have come together to celebrate their Thanksgiving holiday on the island in Massachusetts. They have rented a large compound owned by David Rubenstein, the billionaire philanthropist, and a friend of the President.

Some people greeted him as Joe Biden passed by on a wet, cold day. One person told Biden he looked younger in person.

The President talked to reporters of a new strain of the COVID-19 virus in South Africa, mentioning the restriction of travel from the African nation, which will come into effect starting Monday.

The President’s Family Was Together For The Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

The President started his day by going out to lunch with Jill, his wife, his children Ashley and Hunter, and grandkids. It is a Thanksgiving tradition in the Biden family. Joe Biden went for a stroll after visiting a bookstore nearby.

Joe Biden stopped by at several gifts, home goods, clothing, and a leather store. The family reunited and participated in another long family tradition of being together and participating in the annual Christmas tree lighting.

Joe Biden’s family Christmas tree lighting ceremony was more lively than Trump’s Christmas tree lighting last year, which had to be kept virtual last year.

The virtual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in 2020 at the height of the pandemic has given way to, hopefully, a more normal Christmas.

Joe Biden’s foray downtown was a throwback to the era of Barack Obama when the then President let the bear loose and walked down from the White House to the Interior Department, leaving many startled people in his wake.