Billie Eilish Speaks About Vogue Uproar

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is a renowned face in Hollywood. She is known for having great taste in fashion. However, the best are also subject to criticism at times. Such was the scenario with Eilish when she posed for Vogue. Billie was approached by the magazine to feature on the cover. She agreed immediately and what followed was an unpleasant reaction. The picture saw Eilish wearing stylish lingerie on the cover picture.

This enraged a section of the fans. They took to the internet and blasted Eilish at once. In a recent interview, the superstar spoke about the incident. She reflected on how she has tried different fashion statements over the years. English stated that she was never shy about experimenting with new things. She believed that without experiments, one cannot know one’s full potential. Billie was first spotted as a blonde when she debuted in Hollywood. She has gone through a lot of changes since then. 

Billie Eilish appeared at the Vanity Fair recently. This was the fifth installment of the video interviews that are conducted annually. Eilish answers almost identical questions each year. She laughed while speaking about her famous Vogue shoot. Let us hear more about the incident in detail below. 

Billie Eilish Laughs At People’s Reactions To Her Vogue Shoot 

Billie Eilish took the internet by storm as she featured on the cover of Vogue. While speaking about it, Eilish stated some fun facts. She said that the photoshoot attire was pre-planned. It was supposed to reflect a classic Hollywood lingerie theme. However, after the shoot, fans mistook it as one of Eilish’s new looks. 

Billie Eilish stated that the look had nothing to do with her. Fans were divided into two halves. A large number of people disliked the avatar. They preferred the previous look of Eilish.