Eric Garcetti Returning Home

Eric Garcetti
Eric Garcetti

Eric Garcetti has been serving Los Angeles since 2013 as a democratic party member, now the time has come to say goodbye to political life. He is going home, returning to live his life as a civilian. Mistakes have been made from his side he has learned and when the time came he handed over the responsibilities.

Quick look At Eric Garcetti’s Investment In LA

Eric Garcetti is grateful to serve the citizens of LA for the last 9 years. He likes to be involved in the work, and now eagerly waiting for the confirmation of an ambassador is yet to arrive. And he thinks it’s a ‘gift’.

Eric Garcetti was top notch which made him mayor once again in 2017. He and his team have done some major changes around LA, they have increased the number of shelter beds, and made housing units affordable for everyone. When asked his response was neutral and he did everything because he felt the need, he has seen the suffering among people and that drove him to do so. And he likes to keep it that way and serve the community.

However, his nomination for ambassador was on hold because of the mistakes he has made in his journey till today. He desperately neglected the sexual allegations, bullying, and harassment that were brought against one of his former political aides, which he denied every time whenever the topic was brought up. Though he has faced many challenges throughout his mayorship and unlike other politicians he has been there when things got rough and he didn’t run away.

And for that, he is proud of himself. Homelessness was one of the major problems in Los Angeles and that should be the primary concern of every politician. And Karen Bass’s first speech after being elected as a mayor was she is going to solve homelessness and Eric Garcetti agrees with her strongly.