Carmelo Anthony Joining Warriors Would ‘Make Some Sense’

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony, free agent, looks for a new team for his regular season, an anonymous NBA executive feels a reunion with the champions, Warriors, would be beneficial to all parties.

It could be a beautiful tale if he can grab the championship ring there to cap his career, an unnamed executive told’s Sean Deveney. “The Golden State Warriors have room. He can fire and the rest could conceal his poor defense.

He would accept the minimum stuff. They have loads of young players on that team, and they could use another and those players recognize Carmelo from the USA team. It’s not sure whether they’d actually take that risk, but it makes sense.

Carmelo Anthony Can’t Be Regarded As A Superstar Now

Carmelo Anthony, 38, is no longer the  former superstar he was in the first decade and a half of his playing life. However, Anthony’s refusal to accept a smaller position as he aged kept him in the league for only ten games of the 2019 season.

After learning lessons in the hardest way possible, Anthony has returned to being a role player for the Trail Blazers and LA Lakers during the last two seasons. Over that time, he’s averaged 13.4 pts and 3.6 rebs while shooting 39.1% from the field.

Carmelo Anthony has moved past the conference finals, never, in his 19-year career. Last offseason, he joined LeBron and LA in search of a ring, only for that squad to finish eleventh in the West and miss the play-in round.

GSW do have a roster place vacant and might recruit a veteran if Andre Iguodala decides to retire. It would be a wonderful tale to follow if Anthony suited up with Curry, Thompson, and Green to seek the missing piece from his HoF CV.