Bitcoin Stashed Away By Redditor Worth $100 For 100 Years


The fans of Bitcoin would know that there is never a dull season in BTC land, and despite the markets calling for a lull, they do provide enough amusement. Recently, a Redditor who goes by the name of Optimal-Dentistador queried about the longevity of the network of this cryptocurrency with a time-lapse challenge.

In a post that was made to the subreddit, the Redditor first penned down a letter and then put in the private keys for $100 worth of BTC. In quite a private communication with Cointelegraph, they further disclosed that they had put 0.003 BTC on a new address, along with the private and the public key together with the letter in the envelope. 

Redditor Puts Bitcoin In A Time Capsule

This interesting experiment was inspired by a few events which took place recently- put on by the public library in the city of OD- which will remain confidential as per their request. They also mentioned that there was an event where one could be writing anything in a letter, diary, or poetry which would be stored for 100 years. If one put private information in the letter, it would be sent to their closest living relative. 

OD, in typical Redditor fashion, decided to put something special in the time capsule- which was the private and public key details to $100 worth of Bitcoin at today’s rate. They further informed Cointelegraph that they would be telling their family about this- but also believed that their family might just forget the entire thing, as it would go for ten decades. 

The community on Reddit was pretty quick to note that although 0.003 BTC could be a small sum in 2022, there was no way of deciphering which way the market would move in the next hundred years. Something, that could immensely escalate the price of Bitcoin.