Black National Anthem To Be Played By NFL For Every Game This Year


Black National Anthem was announced to be played for each match in the NFL. The authorities stated that the Black National Anthem will play for its matches throughout the year. This move was said to be a move on the part of justice for socials. They started this last year and promised to carry on with it this year. 

Black National Anthem & A Host Of Other Changes To Be Brought In

The bringing back of the anthem was a bold move by the NFL. It was a welcome move as well. They also decided to play the song at their important events. The NFL authorities have also promised to keep PSA ready inside the stadium premises. 

Sources stated that the organization invested a hefty sum for standing up against racial abuse. Celebrities have supported the initiatives taken up by the sports company. Jay-Z, who is a reputed rapper, supports the campaign. He also assists the company in making decisions regarding the matter. He is associated with the company for about one year. 

NFL has most of its athletes coming from Black backgrounds. They expressed concerns over the injustice served to them. The company was particular in mentioning the fact that it will not tolerate any racial injustices. 

The tournament is also facing criticism from several spheres. Fans stated that a sports tournament should not be looked at in the light of issues arising socially. 

Colin Kaepernick knelt in a match during the national anthem. This was a sign of protest against the brutal attacks on black people. The decision of playing the Black National Anthem is a great initiative. It should inspire changes in the mindset that all humans should be treated equally.