John Mayers New Album Creates Buzz Among Music Lovers

John Mayers
John Mayers

John Mayers is an accomplished musician. He has been ruling the music industry like a boss. Mayers has been out here for almost 25years now. During his career, he produced a staggering number of hits. He has a very strong fan base. All of his fans are willing to catch him live at any corner of the world. The recent release has another feather to Mayers’ cap.

John Mayers Releases New Album Titled “Sob Rock”

Mayers released his album number eight recently. The music was so soothing that it did not require an outside review. A very crystal clear vision seemed to have guided the album thoroughly. The album portrays references from the era of 1980. Mayers wanted to create music that was out of the box.

The album depicted many scenes from the late 1980s. The challenge for Mayers was to create the images perfectly. Credit must be given for portraying the era with much perfection. Especially the reflected era was known to be the golden era of music. 

The choice of concept from John Mayers was a common one. Many artists worked on the same concept. Megastars like Taylor Swift also took an interest in the concept. She was reported of researching the culture and flairs of the 90s.

The album does have its flaws as well. The lyric is an area of serious concern for the songs. It seems as if Mayers has missed the target while working on it. The lyrics seemed somewhat weak and also similar to other creations. 

All in all John Mayers always knew that this album is going to be an experiment. He termed the album as bad even before a single song was released. But the album is appreciable and the efforts put in are praiseworthy. It remains to be seen how well Mayers’ latest releases are received by his fans.