Bob Dylan Sex Abuse Lawsuit Dismissed

Bob Dylan

On Thursday, attorneys for Bob Dylan said that the accuser had “withdrawn” the fiercely contested lawsuit claiming the musician sexually assaulted a 12-year-old child in Nyc in 1965.

Lawyers for the 69-year-old plaintiff, who goes by the name “J.C.” in the complaint, were abruptly fired only days before several crucial discovery deadlines.

Bob Dylan Was Away From The Big Apple

The original complaint was filed against Dylan in August of last year, and it alleged that he had “befriended” the complainant and earned her trust by using his celebrity profile. Somewhere at Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan during April and May of 1965, the musician allegedly drugged and sexually molested the girl over the course of six weeks.

After Bob Dylan scholars claimed that the musician was out of New York on his Do not Look Back concert in the Uk – between late April till at least May 10 of the same year, the accuser submitted an amended complaint broadening her timeframe to “the springtime of 1965.”

Dylan’s legal team responded to the case in January, calling it a “ludicrous” attempt at a financial gain by a “psychic” who claimed she was “taken hostage by aliens and flew their spaceship.”

According to Dylan’s lawyer, “this litigation is a blatant shakedown disguised as a lawsuit, based on plaintiff’s supposed encounters with Bob Dylan and over 56 years ago. It was filed dishonestly with the intent to harass the defendant into giving up valuable assets in exchange for a little one. This accusation is baseless, malicious, careless, and damaging to your reputation. Attorneys for Mr. Dylan promised that he would not be subject to extortion.

After Dylan’s withdrawal, his attorney Orin Snyder released a statement saying, “This lawsuit is ended. The very fact that it was brought up is absurd. We are relieved the plaintiff has given up on this lawyer-driven hoax and the matter has been closed.