‘Big Brother’ Contestant Calls Out Bullying

Big Brother
Big Brother

During the veto meeting for this week on Big Brother, which took place on Thursday night, emotions were finally starting to be revealed to the public.

The current Head of House, Matt Turner, provided an explanation for his choice to surprise a portion of the house by placing Terrence Higgins and Ameerah Jones up for removal rather than Taylor Hale and her “festie bestie,” Nicole Layog.

Big Brother Participant Experiences Bullying

In the days leading up to this week’s episode viewers and former contestants have called out the ongoing harassment of Taylor inside the house premised on what they were seeing on the 24/7 live feeds. They have also started calling out CBS for just not broadcasting all of the controversy linked to Taylor throughout their real primetime episodes.

This week, viewers and former contestants will find out whether or not Taylor is evicted from the Big Brother house. On the other hand, CBS broadcast one of those instances on Wednesday, which was the first occasion this season that they have done so. In the scene, Daniel Durston completely exploded at Taylor because of a misunderstanding.

A new alliance was created after some of the houseguests decided that they had had enough. This alliance included Turner, Monte Taylor, Kyle Capener, Joseph Abdin, Brittany Hoopes, and Michael Bruner. As a result, Nicole’s plan to evict Taylor via the backdoor was effectively rendered moot.

In the meanwhile, viewers of Big Brother were pleased that Turner had taken a stance, and they flocked to Twitter to commend him for also accepting personal responsibility for his actions.