Bob Odenkirk Provides Health Update Following His Heart Attack!

Bob Odenkirk
Bob Odenkirk

After his heart attack, Bob Odenkirk provides a health update saying that he is currently doing great. Former writer of SNL, Bob Odenkirk, had to go to the hospital following his collapse on the set of the spinoff of Breaking Bad. Following his collapse on the set, he seems to be on the path to recovery. 

Bob Odenkirk Is Now In A Stable Condition!

The actor, who is now 58 years of age, tweeted late Friday, providing updates to his fans on his overall health condition. He also thanked his fans for their unconditional support. In a tweet to his large fanbase of 800,000, he said that he is doing great and feels great after people said that he makes the world a better place! He also added that while he is recovering, the fans shouldn’t set their expectation levels reasonably. During July, Bob Odenkirk collapsed and fell on the set in California’s Culver City. 

Days later, the actor posted on various social sites about his reports. He also thanked his loved ones and fans for their good wishes. He tweeted that he feels the support and the love of everyone. It means a lot to him. All this support and love has been overwhelming for him.

He thanked his friends and fans wholeheartedly! He said that he had a tiny heart attack. However, he will be okay, thanks to the doctors and Rosa Estrada. The doctors managed to fix the blockage in his heart without any surgery! He also added that he has received massive help and support from SONY and AMC. He promises to recover soon in a beat and hopefully will be back sooner than expected.