Stimulus Check 2022- When Would The Gas Rebates Come Out?

Stimulus Check

It has been announced that around 23 million residents in the state of California would likely receive an inflation relief stimulus check payment within the next few days.

This would be part of the plan for Gavin Newsom to start offering financial assistance to a whole host of families living in the state that have been affected by the high prices of gasoline. These checks would also be a part of the relief package of $17 billion that had previously suspended the state’s sales tax on diesel fuel- whilst providing additional aid to those who needed support with rent and utility bills- something that the governor already mentioned earlier. 

California Has Issued Gas Stimulus Check Rebate

It is understood that California isn’t the only state that has been developing its stimulus check payments and tax rebates for residents in order for them to deal with the rate of inflation. There are around 20 other states that have also started offering multiple financial aid to the citizens. Now, while the prices of gas have declined considerably from their record high in June, the drivers in the state have paid the highest amount for a gallon of gas, on average- according to data provided by the AAA. The average price of gas in the state is $6.33 per gallon, which is still much higher compared to the national average of $3.92. 

The stimulus check payments in California started arriving on Friday, with several people receiving either a direct deposit in their bank account or a debit card in their mail. But, it has been noted that some of the payments could still take a few days or weeks to arrive. Still, there is about 90% of people have received direct deposits and will be getting their payments by the end of October- which has been reported by the California Franchise Tax Board.

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