Bob Ross Biography Faces Legal Obstacles

Bob Ross
Bob Ross

Bob Ross was an amazing painter. He is considered one of the greatest painters of modern times. Ross’ original name was Robert Norman Ross. Ross was the protagonist of a leading television program that specialized in art. The show was a hugely successful event. It was loved by art lovers from all around the world. The show aired for thirty-one seasons. ” The Joy Of Painting” encouraged young artists to follow their passion. Ross educated, guided, and motivated the artists into pursuing their dream. Bob is well known for calmness, pleasing voice, and unmatched elegance. Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy decided to shoot a documentary on Ross. It was only after they began their work the adversities popped up. A lot of legal obstacles were faced while filming. More details about the filming have been listed below. 

Bob Ross Lifestory Documented By Falcone & McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is a fantastic actress herself. Being an artist, she was very much fond of Bob Ross. Melissa admired and adored the masterpieces created by the artist. She, along with her husband Ben, decided to document the life of the decorated artist. Little did they know about the legal obstacles that were waiting for them. 

As soon as they started work, complications started. The duo worked with Steven Berger & Joshua Rofé. Both of them were accomplished filmmakers. A very small number of people agreed to open up about the artist. They feared that speaking about Bob might land them in legal hassles. The interviewees were afraid of the litigation charges that might be imposed on them by Ross’ estate. 

Both Melissa & Ben said that things were much more complicated than was anticipated. Most of the people interviewed chose to refrain from commenting about Bob Ross. This was because there was a huge controversy over who owned Bob’s business. Bob initially wanted it to be taken over by his son. Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed will be available on Netflix. 

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