Kim Scott Had Left A Suicide Note During Her Attempt

Kim Scott
Kim Scott

Kim Scott, the divorced wife of rapper Eminem, had written a note which she had left behind when she had tried killing herself in July. In July, TMZ had reported that Scott was promptly taken to a hospital after she tried to take her life. Since then, Kim Scott has been treated and has been allowed to go home to complete her recovery.

The State Of Kim Scott

Earlier in the month, the outlet had reported that emergency responders and law enforcement came to her home in Michigan on 30th July. The officials had discovered a Kim Scott who was fighting for her life and was seriously injured. The injuries had been apparently inflicted by herself. Now, details regarding the emergency call have been revealed.

The call was placed by a friend who was nearby. The audio was reportedly obtained by The Sun from the office of the County Sheriff of Macomb. In the call, a woman whose identity is unknown is heard reporting Kim Scott’s incident to a 911 dispatcher. The recording was edited so that no names were revealed. However, the woman could be heard saying that 46-year-old Kim Scott had attempted to kill herself. She reported that Scott was found heavily bleeding in her home’s bathroom.

The caller stated that the door was locked and Kim Scott was refusing to let the woman enter. After repeatedly trying to enter, she broke the door’s handle. Then she saw Scott collapsed on the ground. She also recounts how Scott had yelled at her to not inform the police. The Sun’s report also mentions a note found in her bedroom. It included a request to “not resuscitate” by Kim herself.

Eminem and Scott were a high school couple. They were married twice- once from 1999 till 2001, then from Jan to April in 2006.

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